George Martinez 

SP4 E4 Army National Guard
11B20 - Infantryman
2nd Platoon, 2nd Battalion, 12th Regiment
25th Infantry Division

25th Division Patch 

Tour began on February 20, 1969
33 Years Old
Married with three children
He was also a Korean War veteran
Newton, Kansas
Born May 9, 1936 in Florence, Kansas - June 8, 1969


Paula Harris remembers her uncle...

Sorry it has taken so long to notify you.  The number of surviving brothers of
George is now 3.  My dad, Mike Martinez, passed away last November.  Before
he passed, I whispered in his ear to say hello to Uncle George.

A few weeks later, my cousins Diana and Eddie came over and my mom gave
them some newspaper clippings (originals) and a piece of the ribbon from the
flowers.  This is stuff my Dad kept for years and none of us knew it.  We also
got online to view the web site since Eddie had not seen it yet.  It was a sad
but wonderful time and you could just feel Dad and Uncle George there with us.


A message from

George was my uncle, my step father was Abram Espitia.


This plaque is in the Kansas Army National Guard Armory in Newton.
(Year of birth should be 1936)

Martinez Plaque 


David M. Martinez remembers his uncle...

My name is David M. Martinez and I'm in the United States Navy.  I am
currently deployed for six months on the USS Peleliu LHA-5.  I just want to
thank you for all the time you have spent on all the information of the men from
Kansas who lost their life in Vietnam.  You see, I barely remember my Uncle George
F. Martinez.  My father is one of his three surviving brothers.  Right now I'm
standing a mid-watch on board this United States fighting ship.  I'm far away
from my wife and two kids that live in San Diego for six months, not to mention
that I haven't had the time to get back home to Peabody, Kansas to see my
parents, brother, and sisters for about 8 years.  I guess what I want to say is
just thanks for all your hard work on the web site.  Right now I'm typing with
tears in my eyes because I'm looking at the picture of my Uncle George, reminds
me and looks just like my father when I left for Navy bootcamp some 19
years ago.  Again, thanks.


Paula Martinez Harris remembers her uncle...

I was only 5 when he was killed...and not a lot of memories...but I truly love the
photo you I had never seen it, nor had I seen one of him before.  My only
memory is a general one, having a baby-sitter the day of the funeral and wondering
why my dad was so sad and crying...being 5 and seeing your daddy
something I will never forget.  The other story was that when my dad went to see
my Aunt, the kids were so excited they thought their daddy had returned home...and
it was my dad they had seen.  My dad and Uncle George looked a lot alike.
I could only imagine their broken hearts that day.
Thanks for putting a face to the memory of my uncle...I have since seen many
more photos of him and cherish every one of them.


George Francis Martinez was born in Florence, Kansas and went to school
in Marion and El Dorado, Kansas. He worked for the Santa Fe Railroad
 as a young man. George was a career soldier with the U.S. Army and National
Guard as a weapons expert. He served in both The Korean and Vietnam Wars.
George left his wife and three children when he passed. He was also
survived by four brothers, one of whom served in Vietnam.

Service Medals and Awards

                                                        Purple Heart                                    National Guard Ribbon
Bronze Star                                     Bronze Star w/V Oak Cluster
                                                        National Defense                          
Combat Infantry Badge
                                                        Expert Pistol                                   Expert Machine Gun
                                                        Campaign Stars                             
Vietnam Service Medal
                                                        VFW Award                                    Republic of Vietnam Ribbon
                                                        Marksmanship Badge                   Vietnam Service Medal w/Star
                                                        Korean Ribbon w/ Oak Cluster     Good Conduct Medal (2)
                                                        Heroism Ribbon R.V.N. w/ Oak Cluster and Sword


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