Jerry Newman 

BUR2 – E5 – United States Navy
Mobile Construction Battalion 11

MCB 11 

23 Years Old
Agenda, Kansas
May 16, 1944 to August 28, 1967


Judith (Patterson) Stewart remembers Jerry...

I remember Jerry Newman, he was a nice kid.  He came home on leave with my
brother Jerry Patterson, then my brother went home with him just before they
went to Vietnam.  To keep the two Jerry's straight, Newman said to call him
Alfred E., so from now on I will refer to him as that.  I remember the fun we all
had when Alfred E. was bucked off a bail of hay, pretending he was riding a bull.
Jerry Patterson was a singer and played the guitar and Alfred E. would try to find
the beat to the music and said he was keeping Jerry straight on the beat, but of
course he was completely off the beat!

My brother Jerry Patterson was killed along with Jerry Newman, Richard
Wagner and Anthony Grass on August 28, 1967.  These four men will always
be remembered.  I remember we received a poem from one of the family
"I'll Lend To You a Little While, a Child of Mine He Said."  That
poem still means a lot to me and I would like to thank the family who sent it.

After all of these years, I still miss them, life was never the same.  They had a
short time in this life, but left a lot of wonderful memories.

Bob Martindale, my brother's bunk mate was severely wounded on that
dreadful day.  He came to Pleasanton a few years ago to find Jerry Patterson's family.
We had a wonderful reunion and got to meet Allen Paul.  We can clearly see that
all the boys had a close relationship.  We also got some pictures and learned that a
memorial was made for the four men that were killed that day.  But the memorial
was quickly taken down for morale purposes.

God be with you always and thank you for remembering our fallen Heroes.
Judi (Patterson) Stewart, Jerry Patterson's twin sister.

Jerry Patterson 


Mary honors Jerry...

I was in high school when my cousin Jerry Patterson went into the Navy.  I
soon heard a lot about Jerry Newman as they became friends.  Today I was
going through old newspapers and found articles of when Jerry was killed.
I looked up his Seabee group on the Internet and found this page.  It is
special to know there are still people who remember Jerry and that time.


Bill Miller remembers Jerry...

Recently I made my way to visit the mobile Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall
in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It did bring back many memories
good and bad.  While there I observed those men I knew that had died while
serving in MCB11 and other personal friends.

I was assigned as the MCB11 Chaplains Assistant and body guard.  I helped conduct
religious services and provided armed escort for the Chaplin.  On the ill-fated morning
of August 28, 1967, I was asleep as was most of Camp Barnes and was awakened by
incoming rounds.  Mike Nelson, DT2 (Dental Technician) and Medic, and I were
at the edge of our hooch peering out awaiting a break in the incoming, so we could
report to our assigned Condition Red station.  We observed a direct hit on Jerry's
hooch and Mike took off running to the hut.  I yelled at him to get down as
shrapnel was flying everywhere.

He was the first Medic on the scene and began administering medical aid to those
injured.  I proceeded to the underground Medical CP to assist where needed.
We were receiving wounded and they were promptly attended to by the
MCB11 Battalion Doctor Lt. Bruce Shirer.  Jerry, whom I knew from church
services, was brought down the tunnel and placed on one of the operating
tables.  He was aware and greeted me as he laid on his stomach facing me,
as I was on my knees looking up at him.  Jerry was in a very serious condition and
medic Bob Ellis and the doctor began to work on him.  I commenced to talk with
Jerry about his family back home.  His body was in shock; Jerry did not feel pain
and suffering.  The staff revived him three times over a period of 30-40
minutes and was providing extraordinary field medical procedures.  I kept his
attention focused on his family and where we left off.  The third time he went to sleep
and was with God.

I have no individual message to any one family member, other
than he greatly loved you all and found peace in his God.  I have had you all
on my mind since that dreadful morning, choked with emotion and tears to tell
his story to you and now I can release this burden of silence.  I am truly sorry
for not contacting you many years ago, as I was the last person he spoke to
and I wanted to relay his message.  May God Bless and keep EACH of you
within his reach.


Jerry's picture is presented during the Faces On The Wall Ceremony
in Beloit, KS, October 2001.

Faces Ceremony 


Allen Paul remembers Jerry...

I was with Jerry, Patterson, Grasso and Dick Wager when the rocket hit our hut
that morning.  My best friend Bob Martindale was injured.  I have met Jerry
Patterson's brothers and sisters.  I really miss those fellows.


David Warnken remembers Jerry...

Greetings:  I knew Jerry Newman, was there also when he was killed along with
Jerome (Jerry) Patterson, Richard Wager and Anthony Grasso on that day,
August 28, 1967.  I was the Company Clerk and radioman in A Co. MCB 11.


Bernie Perry remembers Jerry…

I was in the same Seabee battalion as Jerry, Mobile Construction Battalion Eleven. I
remember hearing the artillery shell exploding that took his life. It was about 6 a.m. that
morning on August 28, 1967. I did not know Jerry as I was in another company (A), but
I think about him and the other three men who lost their lives that early morning so long
ago. I often think about their dreams they must have had for their futures, and how it
was taken from them in the blink of an eye. What a tragedy!


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