Joseph Zutterman Jr. 

SGT – E5 – United States Marine Corps
VMO 2 -
Marine Aircraft Group 16

MAG 16 Patch

5711 - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical
Defense Specialist
23 Years Old
Marysville, Kansas
October 3, 1944 – MIA, April 20, 1968
Body Was Not Recovered



Harvey Jones honors Joseph...

I grew up in Concordia, KS and obtained a Bracelet at our local VFW over
30 years ago.  I have always visited this site to see if you were ever brought
home.  My husband served in the 9th Infantry Division in 1967.  I will always
keep this bracelet in remembrance of you and all the missing.


Tom Travers honors Joe...

I never knew Joe, as I was born a year after he was lost.  I am a former
Marine and now a Naval Officer.  I wear his bracelet in uniform as a remembrance
of someone who never came back to his family and country.  A lot of people
ask me if I knew Joe, I always say no, but I always tell them he is a fellow Marine
that has not yet come home.  Semper Fi.


Mark Holmquist honors Joe...

I have worn an MIA bracelet for going on 10 years now.  Never go anywhere
without it.  I did not know Joseph Zutterman but for his name on my wrist.  It
reminds me of the sacrifice that was given up that day in 1968.  It is my link
to that war.  I pray that someday he can be returned to his family and then I can
send this bracelet in remembrance.  Thank you Joe for your sacrifice.


George Roods served with Joe...

I served with you at Marble Mt. and I spoke with you on that fateful day in the
hanger ready room just before your mission.  We joked and then I left for R&R and
you for eternity.  I have been to The Wall four times and your name is the first
that comes to my mind.  For a while over the years I had forgotten your name, but
never your face or that easy going friendly manner.  I'm sorry, Joe.


Luc Zutterman honors his distant relative...

I am a French native living in France and have found through the Internet
that my name is linked to the Vietnam War.  To be honest I have become frustrated
as John is somewhere a part of my family and it appears that we are all linked to the
Beernem Village in Belgium where a lot of Zutterman's are still living.  I found that his
grand-grand-grand father moved to the United States.  I will never meet him or have the
chance to talk to him but I am happy to meet him through the Internet where I can see
what he looks like and part of the story around him.  If you have the contact of his sister
I would be happy to send her some news on my family.


Martha remembers her brother...

I am Joe's sister Martha.  He is in my thoughts always.  He has been missed for a
long time.  His face is always in front of me.  I have often wondered what he would
look like now as he would be 60 this last October.  I would like to think he would
look like our father.  He was a really good brother, my keeper.  Joe always looked
after me and tried to keep me out of trouble.  Sometimes that was an all day chore.
It is really good to know his bracelet is worn by several of you.  I know each and
every one of you would have loved him as much as we do.


Julie honors Joseph...

I am 17 years old and I have worn a MIA/POW bracelet for 4 years now.  Joseph A.
Zutterman, Jr. is the man on my wrist.  I went to the wall this last winter and I found
his name, made an etching and sat there and cried.  I am very patriotic and I don't
believe in forgetting a fallen soldier so I wear this bracelet with pride.  I am
from KS, so I have been trying to find contact information on his family, but I
haven't looked hard enough yet.  I came across this site and I saw his picture and
tears just filled my eyes.  I couldn't believe it, I always thought he would be a faceless
name on a wall, but his name would never be forgotten and now I have seen this man...
a man who gave his life for this country and to fit the name and the face together is
just so intense and so warming to my heart.  This man and all the other men and women
who went through that war are so amazing and deserve the utmost respect and honor.
I'm so glad I have a face to link to a name now, I hope I will find his family one day
and talk to them about this amazing person.  Thank you for this picture and the ability
to put one more piece into the puzzle.


The Kansas State University Vietnam
Veterans Memorial in Manhattan

KSU Plaque 

KSU Memorial 

KSU Memorial 

KSU Memorial 


Joseph Zutterman 


These messages were left in the Faces On The Wall
notebook that travels with the tribute...

A classmate of mine - 1958 to 1962 - MHS

Joe, I still have your pool que.

Dustin favors his uncle Joseph.  I remember Dustin talking about his
uncle when Dustin was just a little boy in grade school.


Alice Yost honors Joseph…

I have worn a POW/MIA bracelet for about fifteen years, in fact the bracelet I have on
now is the third bracelet I have had, I never take it off unless it breaks. Joseph
Zutterman's name is on the bracelet I wear. I came to this site to see if I could find info
on Joseph. My husband is a vet who suffers from
PTSD. I just want to say God Bless
to everyone who fought and Thank You.


Joseph Midona Jr. honors Joseph…

Although I never knew you personally, I feel as though we have become connected in a
way. I discovered you while searching the
POW/MIA network. Although we are from
different eras, there are many similarities between you and I. Your name is Joseph A.
Zutterman Jr.; mine is Joseph A. Midona Jr. You are a Marine, as I am. You were a
Corporal at the time we lost you and I was discharged as a Corporal at the end of my
enlistment. But in addition to all of these similarities, one stands out amongst them all.
Your birthday is October 3, 1944 and the date of my enlistment into the Marine
Corps was October 3, 1989.
Joseph, if we are not linked together in someway, then no one is. I wear
POW/MIA bracelet with pride, remembering you with respect and
admiration always and I thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. I hope that someday
this remembrance finds your loved ones so that they may know your loss is
not just felt by them, but by many others as well. Semper Fi.


If you would like to post your remembrance
about Joseph, please
click here.



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