Michael Breeding 

1LT – O2 – United States Marine Corps
7521 - F-4 Pilot
Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122
Marine Aircraft Group 13

MAG 13 Patch

First Marine ANR Wing
FMF Air Wing, Pacific
4 Years of Service
24 Years Old
Blue Rapids, Kansas
March 19, 1945 – MIA, February 12, 1970
Body Was Not Recovered



Beverly Orders honors Michael...

I just found this site but am happy to know the man whose bracelet I
also wore has been honored in this way.

I wore his bracelet to visit the DC Vietnam Memorial and traced his
name on the wall.

Being the wife of a former Marine I know Lt. Breeding was an
honorable man who willingly gave his life to our country.

My heart will always be with him.

Semper Fi!


Susan and Ted Collins honor Michael...

I received my MIA bracelet when I was about 11 years old and wore it in
honor of 1st Lt. Michael Breeding and our Armed Forces.  I am now 45
years old and the bracelet has been worn by my daughter who is now a
sophomore in college.  Most recently, the bracelet was rediscovered by
my 10 year old son.  He has asked if he can wear it as well.  Our
Veterans will never be forgotten!


Anne Nyboer honors Michael...

I wore my bracelet for Michael Breeding when I was 11 years old and
to this day I do not forget him.  My dad was also a Marine in the
Korean Conflict.  He ended up dying of kidney disease at the age of
50.  The disease was related to burns he received in the war.  I say
prayers for his family.  I wore his bracelet so proudly for him.


Tamra Smith honors Michael...

I, too, have Michael Breeding's MIA bracelet and have worn it proudly.  I'm
thrilled to find this site and learn more about Michael.  God Bless and protect
ALL of our armed forces.


Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Sammy L. Davis places Michael's
picture on the display during the Faces On The Wall ceremony in
Beloit, KS, October 2001.

Faces Ceremony 

Faces Ceremony 


Steve Breeding, cousin of Michael, reads from the list of Kansas POW/MIA's
during the POW/MIA Ceremony in Beloit, KS, October 2001.

POW/MIA Ceremony 


Pat Breeding (at the podium), brother of Michael, and Steve Breeding
participate in the POW/MIA Ceremony in Beloit, KS, October 2001.  The
American Veterans Traveling Tribute can be seen in the background.

POW/MIA Ceremony 


Pat Breeding pauses to remember his brother at the
American Veterans Traveling Tribute in Beloit, KS, October 2001.

Remembering his brother 


A description of the University of Kansas Vietnam memorial from
The Veteran, November 2002.  See pictures below...

On Memorial Day 1986, the University of Kansas (UK) dedicated the first
free-standing Vietnam memorial on a major non-military college campus.  The
University of Kansas Vietnam Memorial is a 65-foot-long, L-shaped, limestone-and-
concrete structure that lists the names of 55 UK alumni who died or are listed as
missing in Vietnam.  It is inscribed with these words:  "Lest we forget the courage, honor,
and sacrifice of our fellow students."

UK administrator and history instructor Tom Berger, a former Navy corpsman who
served with the Marines in 1966-68, spearheaded the effort to build the memorial with
fellow veteran John Musgrave.  Their efforts were aided greatly by the university's
student council, which conceived the idea and raised $10,000 for it's construction.
Another fund-raising boost came after UK grad Jim Lehrer sent a "McNeil/Lehrer
News Hour" team to the campus.  A segment on the memorial that ran on the
popular PBS-TV show "really helped fund-raising," Berger said.  "The exposure
helped a great deal."

The Jayhawk State leads the nation in on-campus Vietnam veterans memorials.  Besides
the UK memorial, there are free-standing tributes to Vietnam veterans at Washburn
University in Topeka and at Kansas State University in Manhattan.  The Kansas State
Vietnam Veterans Memorial, dedicated on November 10, 1989, was built with private
donations, and it sits near the Kansas State World War II and Korean memorial on
campus.  Inscribed on circular limestone block walls are the names of 42 former
K-Staters who died in the war.


Dana Chitwood remembers Michael...

I wore my MIA bracelet with Michael's name for quite some time.  I was a young
girl, just starting to like boys, shaving my legs and reading Tiger Beat magazine.
Even though I was caught up in becoming a teen, I always thought of the young man
whose name I wore with pride.  I wondered for such a long time about what had become
of Michael.  I was saddened when I didn't see his name at the end of the war.  I know
his family is proud of him and I wanted to say "Thank You" for sharing your relative
with me.  He helped me to become more patriotic and taught me about loving my
country.  What a sacrifice.


These messages were left in the Faces On The Wall
notebook that travels with the tribute...

Mike was a proud KU Jayhawk.

Mike was one of my "Favorite" nephews - I look at all the rest of them that
are still with us and I try to visualize what he would look like today.

Mike was a fun guy and a hard worker working for my dad Paul on the farm,
always good for a joke.  He is missed.

Mike's eternal flame is at our church in Marysville.

He was a pretty cool dude!


A description of the F-4 Phantom...

Described as one of the fastest and most powerful combat aircraft ever created, the
awesome F-4 Phantom II is an incredible fighting machine.  This lethal aircraft
was originally developed as a shipboard interceptor, but the brutal air war in
Southeast Asia transformed the F-4 into a versatile combat aircraft capable of
handling a wide range of missions.  Not only did the F-4 prove itself to be an
excellent all weather interceptor, but it served admirably as a fighter-bomber
also.  Initial deliveries of the Phantom began in 1961 and over a span of twenty
years, over 5100 aircraft were delivered to three U.S. services and ten foreign

The F4J was an evolutionary development of the original F-4B.  This variant first
flew in 1956 and 518 aircraft of this type were constructed.  While retaining the
primary role of an air interceptor, the F-4J was configured also for ground attack
operations.  The F-4J is equipped with drooped ailerons and slotted stabilators, as
well as more powerful J-79 Turbojet engines capable of generating nearly 18,000
pounds of thrust.  The F-4J has a takeoff weight of nearly 30 tons and can achieve
a top speed of approximately 1500 miles per hour.  The aircraft is manned by a pilot
and a radar intercept officer.  Although the Phantom has been superceded by more
advanced aircraft, the F-4 remains a front line combat aircraft.  Continuing programs
designed to upgrade avionics, ECM and performance capabilities insure that the F-4
will be in service for years to come.


Jake & Keri Breeding honor Michael...

Michael Hugh Breeding was my uncle.  He was my father's older brother by two years.
I was born in 1974, so I haven't had the privilege of knowing Mike personally but
through family stories, pictures, and his mementos I feel very close to him.  I have
often been told how much I am like my uncle.  I recently graduated from the
University of Kansas School of Medicine.  At my graduation in Lawrence, my folks
took my picture next to the KU Vietnam Memorial pointing to Mike's name.  He
graduated from KU with a degree in business.  I think it is neat that so many folks
know of Mike's story through the
MIA bracelets.  It is comforting to me as a family
member that in today's world so many people have kept touch with those that
sacrificed their lives in war so that we may enjoy the lives we have today.
Jacob Michael Breeding, M.D.
Clearwater, KS

KU Memorial 

The University of Kansas Vietnam Memorial - Dedicated 1986


Panel 1 

Panel 1

Panel 2 

Panel 2

Panel 3 

Panel 3

Panel 4 

Panel 4

Panel 5 

Panel 5


Faye & Jim Venegoni honor Michael…

My husband and I have carried the bracelet of Lt. Breeding since the early 70's.
He has been in our thoughts and prayers for many years. Our daughter has been told
the story of Lt. Breeding and the
MIA bracelets . We would like the family to know
that he is forever linked with us.


Jeff Watterson honors Michael…

Dear Sirs, if in fact you ever get in touch with the family of Michael H. Breeding,
please advise them that I have carried on my wrist a bracelet with his name on it
for over 15 years now. Let them know that there is someone out here who will
always remember him. Has always been close to him, but has never known him.
He will never be forgotten as long as I live.


Bonnie Templeton honors Michael…

Ogden, KS just spent an hour in the Blue Rapids Library researching Michael.
I found pictures of him in high school. He was on the football, track and basketball
teams, a member of the Kansas Association for Youth, Student Council, Drama Club
and in Music for 4 years. His town has not forgotten him. There is a tree in the
City Park dedicated to his memory. I am trying to find this type of information for
all the 32 Kansas
MIA's from Vietnam.


If you would like to post your remembrance
about Michael, please
click here.



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